Greenfield Partners

Entrepreneurs need entrepreneur investors. At Greenfield, we provide private equity solutions in addition to the development and operation of multi-family real estate properties.

At Greenfield Partners, our expertise is profitable business building. We offer strong mentoring to accelerate a company’s evolution by providing financial and human capital. We provide hands-on support, advice, and network building to speed up your learning curve to become a really successful business.

Our executive team has over 35 years experience in the acquisition, funding, and turnaround of small to mid-sized companies. Our expertise in the areas of mergers, dispositions, and acquisitions enables us to take swift action when presented with an acquisition opportunity. We are able to quickly and comprehensively finish analysis and complete transactions, and possess the knowledge, assets, and integrity required in order to develop and grow our portfolio companies.

Greenfield Partners was founded on the principle of trust in partnership for growth and success, which is why we share a substantial portion of equity within all of our portfolio companies. Working in conjunction with a company’s executives, we operate primarily as an active board of advisors. We assist in strategic planning, monitor progress toward goals and objectives, and provide capital for internal and acquisitive growth.

We have a wealth of expertise including success in the operational management sectors of engineering companies, financial analysis, manufacturing companies, finance, and merger and acquisition planning and analysis. With any business, there are challenges. Here at Greenfield Partners, we meet those challenges head on. Components such as cost control, management of production and market complexities, quality, technology, organizational structure, general management, and international competition are all factors that we have tackled and successfully implemented throughout our wide variety of entrepreneurial companies.

Greenfield brings the access to capital and management expertise necessary for companies to successfully execute their vision.